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The external audit of financial statements is performed by our team of independent auditors registered in the Official Register of Auditors (ROAC) and by our expert accountants who are members of the Register of Accredited Expert Accountants of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Spain (REC-ICJCE).

About Our Service

Some companies are legally obliged to have their annual accounts audited in order to file them with the Mercantile Registry, although they may also be audited voluntarily and at the company’s request.
Among our audits we highlight the following:

What are these services?


Our team of specialists prepares Audit Reports and Management Reports with a double objective:

All this in order to fulfill a premise. The auditing of accounts does not only consist of issuing an opinion on the financial situation of a company, but also of helping the client to improve its position in the market through an effective internal control system.

Expert and forensic reports:

The firm specializes in the preparation of expert and forensic reports of various kinds, which can help the client in making decisions with a logical basis, or as support in legal proceedings.
Examples may include, but are not limited to: