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Corporate insolvency proceedings and the liability of the administrators are linked to the insolvency proceedings of creditors, any planning error or incorrect interpretation of the corporate and accounting documentation may result in a culpable insolvency with disastrous consequences for the corporate administrators.

About Our Service

In times of crisis, such as the one recently experienced as a result of Covid-19, many companies go through complicated situations.
At these moments, it is necessary to be advised by experts who carry out an analysis of the crisis situation, who evaluate the option of relaunching the company, who study and draw up Viability Plans, and who present, if necessary, a request for the filing of an application for the declaration of the Insolvency Proceedings (Concurso de Crededores).

At THM Asesores we have the professional experience of Eduardo Molina Rodríguez, a recognized and expert Insolvency Administrator who fulfills all the necessary professional facets for this matter, such as being an auditor, chartered accountant, accountant, economist and lawyer.

The following are some of the contests administered by THM Asesores:

Within Bankruptcy Law, we can classify it in three possible scenarios: