THM Asesores


Quality Service For SMEs And Self-Employed Professionals

We help clients create an optimal workforce to meet their objectives, tailor a salary framework to meet their needs and comply with legal requirements. THM Asesores accompanies them in this process, advising them in the decision making process and taking all the necessary steps to facilitate compliance with the regulations.

About Our Service

Our team of social graduates and labor lawyers will advise you on any type of procedure or labor matter, whether you are a company or an individual.

The labor advisory services, as well as human resources, are based on the management of all labor aspects: payroll, registration and cancellation, employment contracts, social security, human resources, legal procedures before the Social Security, dismissals, salary claims, modification of the employment contract, complaints before the Labor Inspection, among others.

A labor consultant must be the link between the company and the workers, must have knowledge of labor law and economics, and must correctly advise the company on aspects such as the choice of the best hiring formula, subsidies or grants, and avoid penalties for violations of labor regulations. In short, it must be able to generate a labor framework in accordance with the company’s needs, optimize labor costs and, above all, provide the necessary peace of mind and legal certainty in all matters related to labor management.

What are these services?

Our main services are: